Music BC presents How-To From Home. We are excited to launch a new virtual industry forum as part of our How-To Series. This week we are focusing on strategies from the electronic music sector, and how to leverage streaming platforms (including Youtube, Facebook Live and Instagram) to grow audience, and optimize content so your next live stream is the best it can be.

Tarun Nayar (Vancouver) – Snakes x Ladders
Dan Scarcelli (Vancouver) – Head of Live Programming at Monstercat
Zach Jaffe (Los Angeles) – Director, Product and Marketing Beatport

Moderated by Dan Turcotte
Commercial Director, Monstercat, Music BC Board of Directors

Due to limited space, we are now taking registration by request. Don’t worry, we will also be streaming the conversation live on our Facebook¬†channel, as well as recording the video to be shared later.