Canadian Songwriting Challenge 2020 Voting


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We are excited to present the 15 submitted songs from this year’s Canadian Songwriter Challenge. Over the past week 15 songwriting teams from across BC have been working with industry mentors to write and record a demo that speaks to our songwriting theme of “Alone Together”. Please take a moment to listen to all of this year’s submissions before you cast your vote.

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Contest Ended

We started writing this song as a way of reconnecting as old friends who have lost touch and ended up using that as the premise.

230 Votes

“Quarantine BB” was inspired by the loneliness of social distancing through the pandemic this year, and how it makes you long for physical human connection.

81 Votes

“Miss Those Days” is all about reminiscing about how life was before quarantine, how hard it is to be without your better half during these times, but mostly the memories that we share that keep us together.

194 Votes

“Alone in this house” was born from a one-sided relationship. There’s one who is more invested, one who is absent, and while you are still physically together, you feel very alone.

1083 Votes

This song was inspired by the current situation that we have all found ourselves in. We wanted to speak to our experience of realizing that sometimes, being taken out of your busy and habitual routine can be a good thing;

156 Votes

This is song is about being stuck inside with your partner, and not getting along. You still love the person you’re with, but at the same time can’t stand them, and you are torn between the two feelings.

84 Votes

Our process for writing this song started with a little bit of back and forth between Dan and Naomi. We thought something in the vein of a country duet made sense, with two people singing but apart.

457 Votes

We wanted to make a song that touched on the current global situation and idea of being Alone together, but also had a more timeless feel and ambiguous meanings that could be more universal years from now.

40 Votes

“Feels Like November” was written while stuck inside on a rainy spring morning. Uncertainty, loneliness, hope for the future, and memories of being with friends and family connect us all. Most importantly, this song emphasizes the importance of caring for

318 Votes

The Vacays is a team that consists of the following three local and talented musicians: Nathan Chiu, Dacey Andrada, and Amelia Mann. After focusing on their individual musical careers, they are navigating their ways through the vibrant Vancouver music industry,

118 Votes

This song was written about being far away from someone you love, but still feeling close to them regardless of the physical distance. It begins with daydreaming about memories created with the one you love and then waking up to

159 Votes

The story of a couple’s experience being alone for a long time, much like the situation faced by many during this pandemic. The song speaks to the hardships and strain on a once strong relationship faces, and how they confront

81 Votes

This song came about when I was talking to Matt about how crazy it feels being in my senior year of high school during this time. It’s crazy looking back to the last day before spring break thinking that I’d

41 Votes

This song is about being apart physically and coming together in each other’s dreams. We wanted to show both sides of the separation and how the two characters are handling the distance.

80 Votes

With our current global standing, people are being affected by lack of human connection. The song is about two lovers separated by social distancing, having to face their inner desires and truth, Dreaming up the things that ‘only lovers do’.

92 Votes

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