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There is nobody quite like the eccentrically gifted Pierce Kingan. The Vancouver based human music engine rapidly releases impressive material. When Kingan isn’t playing bass and writing / singing clever lyrics for local icons The Prettys he is recording his very own music in his very own bedroom.

He has released five EPs on behalf of his solo project titled The Pierce Kingans. Each one features a Pierce pun: Pierce of Shit ( 2015) Pierce Pressure (2017) Give Pierce a Chance (2018) and Pierce of Cake (2019). Each magnificent album explores avant-garde, intimate and gonzo pop collages of sound. His lyrics are simultaneously sad, hilarious and unpredictable. You feel as though you’re sitting in Pierce’s bedroom as he sings songs about everything from flesh-eating disease to the long journey towards self-acceptance, hence the term bedroom pop. His lo-fi lullabies are invitations to explore his internal dialogue. His sound belongs to him and all of his material feels incredibly lived in. Kingan is somebody that can’t not make music. He has devoted his life to the craft, whether he likes it or not. Lo-fi bedroom pop is often deduced to terms like weird or trippy but these lazy adjectives don’t cut it for Kingan. He is an extraordinarily skilled and intelligent man who makes complicated music. This could also be said about his inspirations such as Ariel Pink, Bradford Cox, and John Maus. This kind of music is only strange if you don’t get it and if you do get it, it is brilliant.

The Pierce Kingans have had a busy start to the year, with their new EP “Make Weird Great Again” (2020) and their most recent “Rona Sessions” (August 2020) – just released on Bandcamp and Spotify. The collection is described as “a funny little bedroom EP”. Take a listen below.


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