Demo Grant

This program assists new artists, professional songwriters (songwriters that are members of a performing rights organization) and publishers with the production of their songs on a high quality demo recording, as well as basic press kit expenses, to enhance their career.FACTOR may provide a contribution of up to a maximum of $2,000 which represents 75% of the total eligible recording budget.

Juried Sound Recording Loan Program

The FACTOR Loan program assists Canadian owned and controlled labels and Canadian artists by partially financing the production costs of sound recordings or music DVD’s for commercial release. If the applicant meets FACTOR’s distribution criteria. FACTOR may provide a loan of up to a maximum of $25,000 or $2,500 per track (Urban and Electronica) which represents 75% of the total eligible budget.

If the applicant does not meet the FACTOR distribution criteria, FACTOR may provide a loan of up to a maximum of $15,000 or $1,500 per track (Urban and Electronica) which represents 75% of the total eligible budget.



Touring Initiatives

Touring Initiatives supports professional artists and arts and cultural organizations in British Columbia to develop markets outside the province or to represent British Columbia at significant national or international exhibitions or events.


Music Touring Grants

Deadlines – June1st , for tours occurring between the following September and

April, or December 1st, for tours occurring between the following April and October.

The Music Touring Grants program is open to individuals, groups and organizations. The program supports a series of three or more paid, professional performances. Funding is available to cover the overall budget shortfall only.

The program has three components:

  •   Domestic
  •   Canada/U.S.
  •   International

Travel Grants to Professional Musicians (Individuals)

This program offers Canadian music professionals (individuals) an opportunity to travel on occasions important to their artistic development. Music professionals include instrumentalists, singers, composers, librettists, arrangers, performers, conductors, singers/songwriters, artistic directors and opera stage directors.


Tour Support

The Tour Support Program’s objective is to support domestic and foreign touring activities by Canadian artists and to contribute to the development of the Canadian music industry both domestically and internationally.

The maximum amount of funding available is $15,000 which represents 75% of the total eligible budget, not to exceed the total cash expenditure, or the amount of the shortfall.

The sound recording that this tour will support must have sold a minimum of 2,000 confirmed units.



MITAP is a travel funding program administered by Music BC, with funding provided by the Province of British Columbia.   It is open to the general public of BC, and provides separate travel funding opportunities for ARTISTS and music industry BUSINESS purposes.



Grants to Professional Musicians (Individuals)

This program offers grants to professional Canadian musicians working in non-classical music of all world cultures. Grants provide successful applicants with the opportunity to pursue their own artistic and creative development. Professional musicians include instrumentalists, singers, composers, arrangers, performers and singers/songwriters. There are three categories of applicants:emerging artists, mid-career artists and established artists.


The Radio Starmaker Fund was created in the fall of 2000 on the initiative of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters and approved by the CRTC. It is a private fund which has as its stated purpose to “make a substantial and discernable difference to the careers of Canadian artists” by providing substantial incremental investment where the artist has established a proven track record and his or her label is making a Significant Investment in their future career.


CMT Canada Video Assistance Program

Over the course of our new licence term, CMT has pledged to continue to support the production of Canadian country music videos and country music programming through its new Video Advantage Program (CMT VAP). The mandate of CMT’s VAP is to contribute to the growth of the Canadian country music industry and to encourage new and established Canadian artists to cultivate their musical talents through music videos and program production. Over 40% of the music heard on CMT features Canadian artists


MuchFACT considers applications requesting co-financing for music videos, websites, viral videos and EPKs (the latter through MuchMore’s PromoFACT award program) six times a year. Applications are judged by a nine-person board of directors, and successful applicants receive non-recoupable awards of up to 50 percent of production costs to a maximum of $25,000 for music videos and a maximum of $3,500 for websites, viral videos and EPKs.