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With support from Creative BC, FACTOR, Ryan Beedie and Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University, Music BC Industry Association is pleased to launch the PHOENIX Training & Professional Development Program as part of Music BC’s How-To Series.

PHOENIX program was developed to help BC music industry professionals navigate the ever-changing music industry landscape with its evolving business models, income streams and priorities. The program is designed for time-poor, mid-career music professionals, who want to optimize their business models for growth, offering participants the opportunity to work with experienced mentors and advisors.

PHOENIX provides participants with practical business guidance. It will include a comprehensive review of the different business models found in the contemporary music sector, as well as deep analysis of each business model brought to the lab. Advisers and mentors are drawn from both the music industry and the business world, to give participants a range of perspectives on possibilities and ways forward. The work becomes more personalized for each participant as the workshops progress. Psychology sessions are incorporated to give participants tools for working more efficiently and achieving better work/life balance. Resilience, time and behavioural management are also topics that will be covered in the program.

The 2017 PHOENIX program is currently underway. Check back for Featured Stories on this exciting new program.