What is Music BC?

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“Music BC has been the leading organization that I turn to when seeking financial support for our Artist’s initiatives… Music BC has been the foundation for ensuring that our newer and equally talented musicians have the support that’s needed in order to give them a fighting chance in such a competitive industry… Without their funding, it would be an almost impossible task to get these musicians started on the road, and have a fair chance at gaining traction in the Music Industry.” – Dyllan Towle, 604 Records

“It goes without saying that the musicians in British Columbia need Music BC and more funding for the programs they offer. We wouldn’t be able to say we are typing this from the tour van on our 4th national tour this year if not for them. Thank you.” - Matt Layzell,  The Matinée – Light Organ Records Artist

“Living in this province Music BC is the one organization you can always count on to be in your corner.  They make it possible to branch out and be seen in other parts of the country and the world.  We have a really strong scene here right now and every successful artist can trace its success back to a grant or a showcase set up by Music BC.” – Zachary Gray,  The Zolas


Representing the British Columbia music industry, Music BC is a non-profit society dedicated to providing information, education, funding, advocacy, awareness and networking opportunities to nurture, develop and promote the spirit, growth, and sustainability of the BC Music community. Music BC (formerly known as The Pacific Music Industry Association or PMIA) has been in operation for over 20 years, serving the music industry of British Columbia. Music BC is the only provincial music association that serves all genres, all territories and all participants in the industry from artists, to managers, agents, broadcasters, recording studios, producers and all other industry professionals.

Music BC serves as the regional affiliate for FACTOR, as well as MROC, and is a member of the Western Canadian Music Alliance which produces the Western Canadian Music Awards and BreakOut West Festival. Music BC is the voice of the BC Music industry provincially (lobbying for funding support, tax credits and creators rights), nationally (meeting with Minister of Heritage as part of the Council of Canadian Music Industry Associations, lobbying for sustained funding for the arts and copyright reform), internationally (representing BC artists at the world’s music trade shows such as MIDEM in Cannes, France, promoting BC talent through the Canadian consulates world-wide). We have previously participated in a joint federal/Provincial study of the BC Music Industry, which became the focal point of lobbying efforts.

Music BC provides education in many areas concerning the music business. We provide a Career Development Series (which has been a cornerstone program for Music BC), an e-Newsletter (which deals with many topical issues concerning the business), a resource library full of reference books, directories and trade magazines dealing with the music industry, and much more.

Music BC also provides networking opportunities for members of the music community – our “SchMusic BC” parties have become a very popular way for connecting different players in the industry.We also offer showcasing opportunities at Canadian Music Week in Toronto, with a showcase that has become one of the “must-see” events of the festival. These events are a perfect opportunity for showcasing BC artists, networking between all levels of industry professionals, to celebrate the successes of the music business and to provide education through the international conference.

Music BC helps to fund and support the development of BC artists. We also administer the MITAP Travel Assistance Program of behalf of the Province of British Columbia. Music BC also has developed its own Music Assistance Program which involves travel assistance, demonstration record recording, compilation CD promotion, licensing opportunities and other programs for our members.

Another artist development program administered by Music BC is the PEAK Performance Project, produced in concert with 102.7 The PEAK FM. The PEAK Performance Project is a seven-year, $5.29 million contest open to all musicians over 18 in British Columbia that incorporates not only significant funding towards participants’ musical careers, but an intensive educational component.

Music BC also organizes and participates in trade missions for the purpose of export marketing of BC talent. We have planned trade missions to Europe, Japan, Los Angeles and more; in addition to presenting showcases of BC artists at conferences such as MIDEM, CMW, Folk Alliance, BreakOut West and more.